Friday, May 28, 2010

Joe and Joe, MJM!

I decided to post one of the Joe and Joe books I wrote. It's called The Michal Jackson Massacre and if you just remember the info we gave you, you'll be fine. (NOTE: I wrote this a long time ago)


A hundred years after the death of Godzilla Joe is wandering in the spirit realm aimlessly. He saw some thrillers running around doing some errands for people. Thrillers are the servants of their spirit realm and basically do what ever you want them to. I decided to visit my old friend A.J. As soon as I entered mansion though I saw Micheal Jackson surrounded by thrillers holding the golden toilet bowl! He went upstairs to A.J.'s bedroom And I tried running after him but the thrillers held me back. He walked back down holding A.J. By his shirt collar and said “Watch as I suck your friends soul into the golden toilet bowl, for you shall be next.” I watched in horror as my friends soul was sucked out of his body screaming for help when Bon Jovi burst through the door distracting the thrillers so I could slip away. It was to late though, for his soul was already taken. Micheal sang one of his magic songs which can do horrible things such as summon Bill Jean! He sand Beat it and teleported away. I knew that he had gone to his summer house on the top of Mt. Somewhere and I had to save A.J. Before I could leave though my thriller, thriller z, snuck up behind me and bit me in the arm! I collapsed blacking out immediately.

“Joe? Are you there?” I opened my eyes to see Bon Jovi and Bill Nye the science guy standing above me. “I'm here, I'm here.” “But we have to save A.J.” “ not in the condition your in .” said Bill “What do you mean?” “Here, take a look for yourself.” He handed me a mirror and I screamed when I saw my reflection, for I was not Joe the hero anymore, I was Joe the zombie!

“When the thriller bit you it changed your molecules, so now you you do not only have your karate skills but also the powers that a thriller would have.” Bill explained “OK.” I said “But we're gonna need more help.” “It's already on the way” said Bon. Then entered the Philadelphia Fanatic! “You know how I feel about mascots.” “yes but he's the only person we could find that wasn't fighting the thrillers” “OK we'll set out tomorrow.” We went to our houses and activated death con 4 which puts our houses in lock down mode so the thrillers could't attack. I was grabbing my personal items when something caught my eye. It was the picture me and A.J. had taken when we defeated Godzilla. I remember it like it was yesterday. A.J. was distracting him while I threw items at him. I fell in my bed instantly falling asleep.

I woke up to pounding on my door. Must be them I thought. I got my backpack and opened the door. Bon Jovi was there ready for the 13 mile hike. We left to find the others and start the hike. The first day was uneventful and we hiked 5 miles. At the end of the day Bon sang living on a prayer and a giant house appeared. The next day was the same but we found a river. We refilled our continues caught some zombie fish (which taste like chicken.) for diner. The sun was setting when I saw Micheal's house “Only half a mile to go.” I said. I could't fall asleep for I knew that battle would come in the morning. We woke up to find a thriller against the window! I pulled a sledgehammer out of my backpack and slammed it against the window knocking the thriller off. “The battle has begun.”

“Let's go” We went out side grabbing our weapons, (Bon's a microphone, Bill's a science kit and the fanatic didn't have one) marching out o battle. A pack of 5 thrillers saw us first and ran at us with they're claws extended. I knocked out three with my hammer and the Fanatic fell on the rest. Bill set up a science station and started to make a science bomb to wipe the thrillers out. “I'm going to take Micheal out.” said Bon “OK” I replied “I'm getting A.J., Bill you and the Fanatic destroy the thrillers” Bon sang wanted dead or a live and a steel horse appeared to take him to Micheal.
“Micheal I'm coming for you!” I said riding my steel horse going up the mountain. “Your going down.” I saw Micheal standing on the top of the mountain smiling. “In your dreams.” He said. Then he started singing thriller! “NOOOOOOOO!” I said as three thrillers came forward. I then noticed that one of the thrillers was thriller Z. “ Those thrillers are posioneness.” I said. “Yes but you don't know what I intend to do with them.” Then the thrillers jumped on him! ” “What the...” Micheal was growing! Not only that he was getting stronger! He was now thriller Micheal Jackson! “This is the end for you!” Then a voice in my head said to sing this is my life. I sang it right before Micheal was striking. Then time stopped or so it seemed. The voice came back and asked me if I wanted to live. I said I did, and time resumed Micheal was exploding! “Wow.” I stood around a bit to make sure he was gone before going to help Bill.

The terrain was getting steeper as I got further up the mountain. Only a few more feet I thought. As I climbed the final steps I could sense A.J.'s soul. I opened the door to see the toilet bowl right there! I picked it up and heard a rumbling sound. I looked up to see a boulder crashing down at me! ducking out of the way releasing A.J.'s soul. “Joe ?” he asked. “Is that you?” “Ya, it is. We have to help bill and the Fanatic.” “ Wait the Fanatic ?” “yes the Fanatic now come on!” We exited to see a huge explosion!

We rushed down to see what happened. Bill was crying and Bon had his head down. “What happened?” I asked. “The Fanatic sacrificed himself to save us all.” Bon replied. “NOOOOOOOOO!”

After that day every thing basically went back to normal. Well until that one day... but that's another story.

So how do ya like it? I know it's kind of short but still. Just please respond.


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